Balamor smirked before pointing at Awkid with the bitten end of his carrot. “I think it’s deeper than that, Mister Anvorbeard. It’s deeper than keeping a clean conscience for you, and it’s deeper than drawing the lines of a map for me. I believe you and I have come this far for the same reason… To find the truth. No matter what anyone says, or what anyone does, the truth cannot and must not be forbidden.”


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Zardraken’s Crypt

The Runes of Rahkfolk (Book1)

“Peace does not follow the truth, and when the truth alone arrives, it will be those who the truth has caused pain that demand justice instead.”

Far to the south in the cursed land known as the Mog Brush and deep within the dusty halls of Zardraken’s Crypt lies a portal that will forever change the course of time. Armed with his wits, his books and his grandfather’s magical runes, Balamor Wisebeard, a young halfling mapmaker, departs his small village on a mission to uncover the secrets of the cursed land that lies within the blank spot on his map.

Balamor’s departure marks the beginning of a new age, and the end of a prophecy passed down by his bloodline for centuries — a prophecy the ruthless Elf Queen seeks to undo. As the her nefarious plan to change history unfolds, Balamor’s mission to finish his map turns into a perilous journey driving him closer to the magical powers of the Runesong and the truth about his bloodline, the Old Kingdom and the grand conflict between the forces of Good and Evil.

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Who am I, you ask? Well, for starters, my name is Connor Hart, happily named after Connor MacCleod of the clan MacCleod. Strangely, we have a lot in common, but that’s a story for another time.

Anywho, who am I… I am a storyteller, a philosopher, an artist; a literary puppeteer who likes to teeter between utter madness and sheer genius. Clutching my wily lute in glee, I am a performer who wishes to put the audience in a trance.

A bard with a craving to explore the imagination. I am 25 years young with an old soul and a nack for drawing crowds. I play music, forge worlds, and seek wisdom with a passion.